Concerts4aCause is a non-profit project of the Art of Living Foundation, San Diego, which is a registered 501c3 educational and humanitarian not for profit organization.

Through “right” sized concerts, we strive to encourage upcoming musicians from the Southern California region while enthralling audiences with their unique artistry in traditional and eclectic musical styles. The ultimate goal to help raise funds for social causes around the world.The music spans different genres from traditional, classical to fusion, and is from different parts of the world. Most of the concerts have music that is deep and contemplative, and uplifting at the same time.

Another goal is also to allow the audience to feel, experience and learn about the various traditional forms of music from different parts of the world by getting to sit close to the artists an opportunity to interact with them after the concert. Our concerts generally do not go beyond an audience size of 100 people. The venue of most of our concerts is the beautiful Art of Living Center, San Diego center.


We started in 2010 and thus far, we have organized 10 concerts in San Diego many of which at the Art of Living Center, San Diego.  On an average we have had about one concert a year. Inspired by the World Cultural Festival that was held in Delhi in March 2016 and attended by millions of people from different parts of the world, our plan to increase that number to 3 concerts in a year and to add dance forms as well in addition to music. This of course would be a much smaller and humbler scale though compared to the World Cultural Festival ! Here are some memorable photos from the festival.


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The Art of Living Foundation has roots in India and has reached over 150 countries. Several service activities and projects are carried out by the foundation in different parts of the world.

The ultimate goal of Concerts4aCause is to help raise modest but sizable funds to make modest but meaningful impact for social causes. The photo below shows one of the causes we raised funds for. Post Nepal earthquake in 2015, IAHV and the Art of Living Foundation carried out disaster and trauma relief. In addition to providing disaster relief material such as food, water, clothes, medicines, the foundation taught trauma relief workshops to thousands of people who could not sleep at night after the earthquake due to the anxiety of the possibility of another big one amidst the aftershocks. Through breathing techniques and meditation, games and group processes, it brought a smile back to thousands of people and kids. Here is a priceless picture of the impact it had on kids at a evacuation center in Nepal.


We would love for other centers of the Art of Living Foundation in the US join us in bringing incredibly talented local musicians to audiences while raising funds for social causes! It is a win-win-win! (a win for the artists, the audience, the causes we support)! Please email sandiego@us.artofliving.org for more information.